What’s your Average Salary with Masters in Advertising?

When you have a master’s degree in advertising, the amount of money you earn will vary depending on the position you hold. With a graduate degree in advertising, you can become an advertising manager, public relations manager or marketing manager. The various career options that are available for those who have graduate degrees in advertising determine how much you get. Each position has a different salary based on the responsibilities you will have.

As an advertising manager, your average salary will depend on how big the agency you work for is. Location of the agency will also determine how much you earn. Companies that are found in the big cities pay higher salaries compared to the rural based ones. The average salary for an advertising manager is $63,000 a year. You can make more than this with your graduate degree if you work in a high tech industry like the computer and cell phone industry. Advertising managers in such environments make about $100,000 each year. You will also get several benefits on top of the high salary package including health and life insurance, holidays and retirement. Advertising managers also get stocks and bonuses in the companies and take a share of the profits.

Your Masters in Advertising gives you a chance to work as a public relations manager where your average annual salary will be about $70,000. This can vary depending on the specific company you work for and the location. The kind of experience will also play a role in the decision about your salary. Some public relations managers earn up to $250,000 each year.

With a master’s degree in advertising you can also become a brand or product manager. The average salary for this type of manger is about $75,000 per year but this can be higher depending on your experience and benefits. A senior brand manager for example earns about $105,000 in a year.

If you have a master’s degree in advertising, you can work as an advertising sales manager. As a beginner, you will earn about $25,000 but with more experience you can get double this amount.

Top Advertising & Marketing Masters Degrees

Boston University
MBA: Intl. Marketing
Boston University: An MS in International Marketing Management from Boston University allows students to expand their marketing and advertising skills. Candidates will be given a true international perspective and take management classes designed to prepare the future marketing leaders. In this program, you will participate in real word marketing plans which will develop skills that you will use in your future career. After graduation from this program, students possess a sound foundation promising a long lasting and successful career.
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Walden University
MBA: Marketing
MS: Media Psychology
Walden University: The MBA in Marketing from Walden University will help you grow in your marketing and advertising skill sets. Marketing is changing everyday with the advancement of technology and this program teaches you how to effectively use these technologies to reach out to customers. A MS in Psychology in Media Psychology will teach you the best industry methods to reach customers and create a positive impact on them.
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Full Sail University
MS: Internet Marketing
MFA: Media Design
Full Sail University: The MS in Internet marketing, and MFA in media design degree programs from Full Sail University are great gateways to an education on how to build and create effective marketing campaigns. The skills learned in these programs are in demand, as companies look for future leaders to help them communicate their message both at home and around the world.
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Kaplan University
MBA: Marketing
Kaplan University: The MBA in Marketing program at Kaplan University is a great opportunity for students seeking to grow their understanding of relevant marketing methods. Graduates will learn effective advertising skills that can be utilized in business settings. Graduates will also learn how to create and communicate marketing plans and understand the financial impact they have on companies.
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