If your career is in advertising or marketing, you know that branding is at the core of any identity — both personal and in business. But, how can you develop that brand, how should it change (if at all), and how do you establish that brand? The following top 50 up and coming branding blogs all address those questions with a variety of updated and current perspectives. The blogs were created from January 2009 forward, and are listed by month and year of creation.


  1. Alexander’s Blog: Alexander is a branding geek, scientific researcher, author, blogger and speaker who, for over two decades, has built his expertise on the emotional side of people and brands (January).
  2. Fashionably Marketing. Me: Learn how to use social media to better market products, build brand awareness and engage customers in positive ways online (January).
  3. Atomic Blog: A planning and strategic consultation company maintains this branding blog (March).
  4. David ID: David ID is a complete brand development firm that serves global corporations and promising early stage companies (March).
  5. Jeff Bullas: Bullas works with companies and executives to optimize their online personal and company presence and brand with digital marketing and social media through the use of social media channels and other web and mobile technologies (March).
  6. This is Brand X: From television to radio, graffiti to fashion, this blog covers all the brands (March).
  7. Aviation Branding Weblog: View old and latest pictures, old and new news about new, re-vitalized and existing aircraft exterior paint (livery) and airline logos and designs (April).
  8. Listen Logic: Although this branding and marketing blog began in early 2009, it didn’t gather steam until 2010 (April).
  9. Mike Urbonas: Mike is into blogging about product marketing, business intelligence/data warehousing, personal branding and more (April).
  10. Brandw!se: Brandwise is a brand strategy firm that uses marketing and design to grow businesses (May).
  11. The Strategy Guy: Learn how to grow your company quickly without blowing up (June).
  12. 7 Summits: Interesting blog posts on results of marketing for profits and nonprofits, brand awareness and more (August).
  13. Epic Launch: Kick off your business with this young entrepreneur blog that provides outstanding tips for advancing your entrepreneurial career (August).
  14. Thee Blog: This blog is all about design, advertising, packaging and photographic inspiration (August).
  15. B2B Marketing: A new look, a new approach, more like branding than marketing…take a look at this blog that focuses on B2B socializing and SEO (September).
  16. Footprints: Let Walker Sands lead you into brand awareness, public relations, marketing and design and development for your Web site (September).
  17. Brandings Blog: Instead of looking for a brand, pick a brand that already has been created…turning this concept upside down (October).
  18. Dave Hendricks Blog: What every marketer needs — a person who is versed in SEO and law (November).
  19. New Tribalism Blog: A brand tribe is a group of people who are connected to each other through their shared belief in the culture of the brand of their choice. Learn more (November).
  20. Disqus: The Official Blog: Disqus is “all about changing the way people think about discussion on the Web” (December).


  1. Brand Management 2011: A student comments on learning about marketing and branding (January).
  2. Donor Powerblog: If you’re serious about raising money from donors, you need to get serious about donors. This blog can help that branding (January).
  3. Smedio: Smedio is the new media and social web guide for businesses and marketers (January).
  4. Sound Branding Blog: Karlheinz Illner is an international brand expert in the field of sound branding and acoustic identity since 2003 (January).
  5. Marqui Web Marketing Blog: Includes branding, marketing and trends from around the world (February).
  6. Bellamy Studio: This studio focuses on building effective designs around brand values for clients (March).
  7. BootB (Unlimited Creativity): The creators at this business provide, on average, 208 solutions for every creative challenge you offer…so your brand may branch out (March).
  8. Social Branding Blog: Steve Campbell is well versed in–and passionate about–social media and brand management(March).
  9. Umass Dartmouth Center for Marketing Research Blog: The Center for Marketing Research is associated with and maintains a close relationship with the Chambers of Commerce within southeastern Massachusetts (March).
  10. Fastgush: Stay on top of brand awareness and social media happenings with this new blog (April).
  11. Fresh Element: Learn more about tending topics in interactive marketing, Web development, SEO, marketing, branding and social media (April).
  12. Lakeshore Branding: This Chicago digital, SEO and social marketing company offers a blog and lessons in Internet marketing online (April).
  13. SEO Marketing Blog: Get your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on with branding and marketing through this technique (April).
  14. DX Blog: The Design Exchange (DX) is Canada’s design center and museum with a mission to promote the value of design (May).
  15. Blogging for Branding: Rosetta Thurman claims her success came with using social media to build her personal brand — she left her job and branch out into full-time consulting in January 2010 (July).
  16. Building a Brand Online: This blog includes a 12-week course with a bonus week where students could learn, collaborate and share in the best ways to build a brand online (July).
  17. Spectrum Signs Blog: Learn how to increase brand awareness through signage (July).
  18. Traffic Pulse: Join this group of SEO experts, Web developers, content writers and market researchers to learn more about how to build your brand awareness (July).
  19. A brand blog in the making…: This blogger has been working with brands for more than 13 years now and wants to share some thoughts about brand strategy and design (August).
  20. Christopher Stutzman’s Blog: Chris has more than 15 years of experience helping companies build brands and consumer relationships to gain a competitive advantage (August).
  21. Adgistics: Adgistics is a specialist provider of brand asset management and automation systems to world-class brands (September).
  22. Fuel: Fuel Communications offers the latest developments in brand strategy, marketing and public relations, graphic design, Web development, online marketing and print management (October).
  23. Brand Periscope: Rick Thompson, president and founder of Brand Periscope, uses this blog to fill the gap between classical marketing and Internet marketing (November).
  24. Student Branding Blog: Dan Schawbel, the founder of the Student Branding Blog, is a world renowned personal branding expert, the international bestselling author of Me 2.0, as well as the publisher of the Personal Branding Blog (December).


  1. American Express Branding Podcasts: Tyler Brûlé is the editor-in-chief of Monocle magazine, and he hosts this new podcast, OPEN MIC, for business growth (January).
  2. Brand Tampa: This blog is geared toward Tampa’s young professional and student demographics (January).
  3. Internet Marketing Jam: A new site dedicated to helping you boost your income, sales and profits with content marketing and branding (January).
  4. LaunchRock Blog: LaunchRock helps you setup a viral launching soon page in minutes (January).
  5. Medical Research Marketing: Branding approaches to medical marketing and patient recruitment (January).
  6. The Hired Guns: There’s something to be said about starting over, just like the Hired Guns did this month. Look for information about innovation, leadership, networking, branding and more from this blog (March).

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