Masters in Advertising Program Rankings

If you are looking for a school to join for your Masters in Advertising, you should check the program ranking. This is the most effective ways of evaluating whether the school you want to enroll in has the specific electives that you want. The best institutions to research about when you are looking for a university are those that have business schools. This is because these institutions understand that advertising is an integral part of any business and the programs they offer are suitable for the current business environment.

One of the universities that have an established business school that is world renown is Harvard. This institution works together with some of the best companies in the world to come up with innovative advertising programs. Their interaction with the business community will definitely provide you with a good base for your career in the advertising industry. Some of the courses offered for the graduate degree include consumer behavior, principles of public relations. The approaches that are taught at Harvard can also be related to the international business community.

The Texas A&M University is another great institution that you can get your Masters in Advertising from. This university offers graduates a great foundation for careers in marketing and advertising. If you are looking for an institution that includes the local community in its programs, you should choose this one. Students get a chance to participate in several visits, lectures and speeches from the local business community. This will give you a better understanding of the theoretical aspects that you have learnt.

Northwest University of Kellogg also offers quality master’s in advertising degrees. This institution introduces new programs on a regular basis to make sure that the students get relevant material. Students also have a chance to participate in the various research projects at the university.

Wharton University is another institution that is highly ranked when it comes to graduate degrees in advertising. The advantage with this university is that you can get some hands on experience from the businesses that are sponsored by the institution. Its research projects are also well known abroad.

Top Advertising & Marketing Masters Degrees

Boston University
MBA: Intl. Marketing
Boston University: An MS in International Marketing Management from Boston University allows students to expand their marketing and advertising skills. Candidates will be given a true international perspective and take management classes designed to prepare the future marketing leaders. In this program, you will participate in real word marketing plans which will develop skills that you will use in your future career. After graduation from this program, students possess a sound foundation promising a long lasting and successful career.
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Walden University
MBA: Marketing
MS: Media Psychology
Walden University: The MBA in Marketing from Walden University will help you grow in your marketing and advertising skill sets. Marketing is changing everyday with the advancement of technology and this program teaches you how to effectively use these technologies to reach out to customers. A MS in Psychology in Media Psychology will teach you the best industry methods to reach customers and create a positive impact on them.
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Full Sail University
MS: Internet Marketing
MFA: Media Design
Full Sail University: The MS in Internet marketing, and MFA in media design degree programs from Full Sail University are great gateways to an education on how to build and create effective marketing campaigns. The skills learned in these programs are in demand, as companies look for future leaders to help them communicate their message both at home and around the world.
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Kaplan University
MBA: Marketing
Kaplan University: The MBA in Marketing program at Kaplan University is a great opportunity for students seeking to grow their understanding of relevant marketing methods. Graduates will learn effective advertising skills that can be utilized in business settings. Graduates will also learn how to create and communicate marketing plans and understand the financial impact they have on companies.
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