It is one of the age old questions asked and answered by just about everyone: what would you do with a million dollars? If you are the proprietors of one of the biggest sellers of anything from soda to cars, the answer isn’t “buy a TV commercial.” This is because all of the costliest commercials had over million dollar price tags, and in many cases, multi-million dollar price tags.

To prove it, we have gathered the 10 most expensive TV ads of all time. They include entries from some of the most well-known brands in the world to others that will have you Googling what they do or who they even are. So grab a flash player and get set to spend 30 seconds evaluating what it took others months and millions to create.


If your career is in advertising or marketing, you know that branding is at the core of any identity — both personal and in business. But, how can you develop that brand, how should it change (if at all), and how do you establish that brand? The following top 50 up and coming branding blogs all address those questions with a variety of updated and current perspectives. The blogs were created from January 2009 forward, and are listed by month and year of creation. (more…)

Advertising executives are often on the go. Having good web apps at your disposal is a must for keeping track of the office when you travel and for keeping abreast of all that’s new in the world, and in the world of advertising. Here are 20 web apps you’ll love if you’re a media buyer or advertising executive.

For your iPhone

  1. Files: This app lets users create a file tree and carry important documents no matter where you are, and even syncs via wi-fi.
  2. WhereTraveller: Updates security wait times at airports, and provides information on your destination such as restaurants, entertainment and shopping, as well as airline and rental car agency phone numbers.
  3. Google Reader: Allows users to read subscribed blogs in a neat, fashionable application.
  4. OmniFocus: This task management application allows you to create to do lists, as well as sync with documents on your desktop.
  5. ExpenseTrkr: Perfect for tracking expenses while you travel, this app even has the ability to document receipts via the phone’s camera function. Great for keeping track of business expenses.

For your iPad/iPhone

  1. Keynote: The iWork Keynote app is ideal for on-the-go presentation development. You can also import Microsoft Powerpoint slide decks with ease.
  2. Go to Meeting: If your company has a GoToMeeting account, this is an ideal app to help you keep partners and staff in sync while engaging in meetings. You can’t take control of the meeting but the audio feature works great with or without earbuds and the mic. This is the ideal app for multi-casting training content to a group of people with iPads and/or iPhones.
  3. Dragon Dictation: There’s only one way to get more done if you need to communicate with lengthy messages or compose marketing prose. In addition to sending lots of staff-related email messages to delegate tasks, the CMO is typically at the center of all corporate messaging. Dictating messages and documents is far more productive than typing and provides a highly productive solution.
  4. Instapaper: Instapaper helps you find competitors, partners, and marketing opportunities. Capturing pages and articles is a breeze with InstaPaper which allows you to cache your reading requirements offline.
  5. Analytics HD: If your responsibilities include tracking online server activity, this is the ideal app for doing that across many servers and sites. While it provides only a limited view of the total Google Analytics picture, it provides the right views; exceptional trending and stats that are necessary for quick checks and meetings.
  6. This is an ideal app for curating, organizing, and sharing everything you write or documents that your team produces. This is the most productive method for dealing with papers, reports and other document artifacts that help you do your job. It provides public and secure folders and many social networking features that allow you to push your content out to colleagues, partners, and customers.
  7. Hoot Suite for Twitter: HootSuite helps you manage multiple Twitter, Facebook, and other social media accounts in one place. It also provides automated content posting features and persistent search queries to keep tabs on partners and competitors. Because they provide such a robust web version, you can hop to any system (including iPad) and all configurations are live. This system also provides integrated social team management features that allow you to control and commend the social media process from one application. HootSuite is only available for iPad (presently) but that will change soon.
  8. Nomina: This app provides an integrated brand research system that can tell you the availability of any trademark or tradename in a variety of contexts. Imagine you have an idea to create a new online marketing initiative called DustyTruck. Nomina will tell you if it’s available across all the popular web domains (.com, .net, etc) as well as instances of it in Google, USPTO, common law libraries, and even uses of it in the App Store.
  9. Gist: Gist is a comprehensive contact, company, and social dashboard for all your business relationships. Presently only available as an iPhone app which works fine on iPad, it also includes a Safari-compatible web interface. This tool will make it easy to stay abreast of all your ongoing and past communications with customers, colleagues, and partners.
  10. Story Pages HD: Marketing includes the leadership and development of creatives. StoryPages, a story-boarding app, is the best app for drawing, diagramming, and sketching conceptual ideas. But it also provides integrated templates as well as the ability to use any photo or image as a sketch backdrop for more precise outlining.
  11. Facebook: If you’re in advertising, you almost certainly use Facebook on a personal or business level. Connect easily via your iPhone or iPad.
  12. Linked In: Linked in is one of the most popular social media websites that puts business people in touch with each other. Use it for recruiting, keeping up with other friends in advertising or just seeing what’s going on in the world of work.
  13. Twitter: Everybody tweets and you should too. Send out quick messages about your new advertising campaign to all who follow your company.
  14. Shovel Pro: Lets you keep up with the most interesting stories on the web each day. Works in conjunction with Digg It.
  15. CNN: There are several news organizations that have web apps, but CNN’s has the best user interface. Keep up with the latest news quickly and easily.

Online Marketing is also known by other names like i-marketing, web-marketing, search engine marketing or e- Marketing.  As in terms of response online marketing provide instant and eliciting responses. On a broader spectrum, online marketing refers to management of digital customer data and digital customer data research and analysis.   Below are provided briefs to some interesting blogs about online marketing.

  1. Search Engine Land:  It is a very popular blog covering news and information site that covers issues and topic like search engine marketing, searching issues and the search engine industry. This blog is published by Danny Sullivan that is into search for previous eleven years.
  2. SEO Book: This blog is run and operated by Aaron Wall, who through his this blog provides marketing tips, search analysis, online business tips and general commentary over evolution of the web. This blog was started as back as in 2003 and is yet considered as oldest operating SEO blog. This blog help in promoting marketing as an ever popular tool for search engines.
  3. SEOMOZ: This blog is published by the company that provides companies and individuals around the Globe with online tools and tutorials to help them about their internet marketing and search engine optimization needs. it works with objective to provide software and internet education to businesses, individuals, non profits and government organizations so they make best use out of internet.
  4. Mattcutts Blog: This blog is run by as clear itself by name is Matt cuts who joined Google as a software engineer in January 2000 and presently is head of the Google’s Webspam team. At this blog he explores about various trends and reasoning as centered on Mattcutts blog.
  5. Search Engine Journal: Running from 2003, Search Engine Journal is a six years old publication of search and social media that tries to promote community approach to the reporting of search engine news & the sharing of Search Engine Marketing knowledge and tactics. It is run by Loren Baker, who is Editor in chief of this general and is into field of Search Engine Marketing since 1998 ensued background in paid search and search engine optimization.
  6. Toprankblog: Since December 2003 TopRank is working as a top class online marketing blog that provides insight, resources and commentary on a wide range of digital marketing and public relations topics like search engine marketing and optimization, social media marketing, business blogging and marketing and online public relations.
  7. Pronetadvertising: This blog is run by Neil Patel, who started his career in computers as an application developer and at the same time continued expanding his knowledge and learning in areas like networking, software and internet.  And he tried to advertise and share his knowledge through his blog pronetadvertising.

Advertising is a service based industry that promotes ideas and products on behalf of their clients. It happens to be one of the major component and part of the marketing wing of a product or a service based company. It helps to establish a relationship between a product and a customer. And advertising promises a very happening and interesting career to a student aspiring to make career in it. Here some interesting facts related to career of Advertising is provided.

  • Advertising is generally looked our by advertising agencies that vary in size and scope. Some big companies have their own advertising departments to look into specialized areas like market research, film and video production.
  • Advertising generally have three basic purposes sales promotion, public relations and education. In sales promotion it persuades people to purchase a specific product or commodity. Public relation tends to create positive image for the company. And by education an advertiser influence social attitude on issues and topics of general concern and tell people about welfare schemes through public interests campaigns started by government or private organizations.
  • Basic eligibility for Advertising is having postgraduate courses so a person should be graduate with at least with minimum of 50 percent numbers. And admission to most of these courses occurs on the basis of entrance examination or an interview. Few colleges also offer BA courses in advertising.
  • Though advertising is a very honest profession yet it is considered by people by large as dishonorable profession due to the tendency or nature of selling something is involved with it. So people think that an advertiser tries to deceive other and sometime it is not considered as an honorable profession.
  • Another interesting convention related to advertising career that it is filled with money and everyone into it can make six figure salaries. It is not true as many a number of people who entered into the career of advertising started from the very bottom and entered for free with minimum wages and simultaneously grow themselves towards the top of their career.
  • Another misconception related to career of advertising is that it is indeed very hard to make a start in career of advertising. However, this doesn’t mean that you can not make into the advertising. Rather you would not get that prestigious assignment as on your first project. But if you are interested in making career for yourself than you should keep on making effort towards it.
  • And in the last do not go for those blossoming and always smiling characters from advertising world you see in a movie. Indeed, it is a field full of glamour and sometimes it becomes really a fun to create an advertising campaign. But anyhow you would have to work very hard to bring an ad campaign to final broadcast and publication.

If you are thinking about a career in marketing, public relations, sales, advertising or promotions and you do not want to disrupt your work or family life, you should definitely settle for an online Master’s Degree in Advertising. This is the only way you can improve your career even if you have a busy schedule. An online degree offers a lot of flexibility compared to a campus based masters in advertising. A masters degree allows you run an advertising department or even work as a liaison between the company you work for and a hired PR firm. This degree teaches you how the media and markets work and also improves your communication skills. Some of the positions that you will be able to get once you get your online Masters in Advertising includes public relations manager, advertising manager and marketing manager positions.

When you enroll for your online Masters in Advertising, there are various courses that you will have to take including consumer behavior, communication methods and technology, marketing research, principles and practices of public relations, advertising and society, and advertising and copywriting. It also gives you a chance to improve your communication skills and become creative.

It is possible to complete your online master in about 18 months but it generally takes about two years for most students.  If you do not have a background in advertising coursework, you will be required to take some articulation courses prior to enrolling for the program. Some of the courses that you will be required to take include introduction to marketing and advertising.

You will have to get at least 33 credit hours and also do a thesis to graduate. If you are specializing in a specific area of advertising, the department will decide whether you should do a thesis or terminal project. You have to choose a committee to supervise your thesis or terminal project and evaluate it once it is complete. An internship program is also offered as part of the masters in advertising electives to give you the experience you need to join the best firms in the advertising industry.

There are two stages in this graduate degree. During stage one you will learn about the techniques that are required in advertising including product research, copywriting and account management planning. In the second stage, you will be required to identify an area in advertising that you want to specialize in.